Wednesday, February 8, 2012

{oh how PINTERESTing wednesday}

happy hump day!!! by now you know what wednesday means ... its 'oh how pinteresting wednesday' with 'the vintage apple'! i am super excited for this weeks fun pinterest finds. the only downside to looking at pinterest, is i just want to go on a major shopping spree... so right now i am practicing self control , and restraining my 'shopaholic' self! its like window shopping online... right?!

{keep calm and pin on}

{ kate spade}

{ i might just have to splurge on these flats... i love them so much... the outside is tweed and then they have a patten leather toe... the add a fun touch to any outfit! }

{ right now i am really going back and forth  in deciding weather to have ombre done on my hair.... i just love the look so much . if i do i will post pics }

{can you tell i am thinking spring/ summer... this color combo is just so great! totally something i would wear}

{ love love love this... this is such a great chartreuse colored dress. a girl can only dream to wear this... right?!}

{ i just love these anthro bowls... i actually use one on my night stand to put my bobby pins, earrings, and whatever else i take off before i go to bed}

{ um yea... farmhouse mugs at antrho... coffee suddenly tastes better out of these mugs}
{ swoon worthy envelope clutch from antro... need i say more * who wants to buy this for me!?}

{ since we are on an anthro kick.. how about this awesome glitter shower curtain... i think i will be buying this}

{ how great is this! yet another reason why i love my iPhone}

{ lc has the best hair tutorials ever.. if you have not done it yet, head over to her website and
check it out:
'lauren conrad'}

:: all images via pinterst ::

hope you all enjoyed perusing through my fun pinterest finds this week. congrats that you made it to wednesday, you are half way through the week... you can do it!

with love,

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  1. I would totally use the oink phone attachment, haha

  2. What a fabulous shower curtain!
    So funny that you posted this because I have a weird thing about shower curtains haha!
    Mine is one of my favorite things about my apartment...weird, I know :)


  3. I love that spring/summer outfit!
    great finds :)

  4. I totally agree with you on the Anthro mugs! Coffee and tea somehow tastes magical :)


  5. just came across your blog... SO cute.

    i loveee the anthro bowls, and shower curtain (im waiting to have a baby girl so i can justify getting it... the hubs wont really go for glitter for our bathroom. im not sure why.)

    and shut the front door! i need that phone.

  6. I seriously am lovin' these bright colors coming out! They are perfect! And make me happy! Those bowls are so cute and you use them perfectly...hmmm may have to look into investing in the mugs, too!

  7. You and I both.. I also loove the way the new thing with the ombre hair. I was thinking maybe ill give it a go as it gets closer to summer? What colors are you looking into?

  8. Thanks for the follow! LOVE your pins. The spring/summer outfit is SO friggin cute! Followed back :)

  9. So pretty! Love all the photos! Those flats are amazzzing!

    PS. We've a DORIS giveaway on our blog! Check it out, if you'd like :)

    ox from NYC!


  10. Those pink flats are to die for!!! Loving them!!

  11. great finds! Those pink capped flats are so cool!

  12. I love all these pins!! I've been contemplating ombre hair too, definitely post pictures if you do it!
    I love those anthro bowls and mugs!

  13. I deff have those anthro mugs! They were a fav when I found them last season; I got one for every family member!


  14. I want SPRING to come! Right! Now!!! Thanks for these sweet pins! :)

  15. Blog swap with me!

    Love all of your choices!


  16. I love those mugs! I was trying to choose a favourite one, but I couldn't!

    Just dropping by from #FF.


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