about me

i am a 20 something living in the very cold state of michigan. born on the east coast but raised in the midwest (my heart belongs on the east coast). i am living and learning to live this beautiful life to the fullest. blessed beyond belief to have wonderful friends and family to support me through the different phases in my  life. currently i am nannying for 3 precious girl that have become like little sisters to me. in addition to working ,i am less than a semester away from completing my undergrad in public administration  with minors in bible and business management. once i graduate i am hoping and praying that god opens doors for me to work in the non-profit sector. in my spare time, i am blessed to belong to a wonderful church where i have the opportunity to be involved in the college and career ministry as well as be a small group leader for some awesome high school girls that mean the world to me. but all of this does no define who i am, but who i am is a sinner saved be grace, and apart from my relationship with the lord i am nothing. everyday i am amazed by the grace that have been given by my heavenly father, that is truly 'something beautiful '.

::: some of my besties from college :::

with love,