Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Simple Things

Happy Thursday! Its almost the weekend ... PTL !

Today I am linking up with Jessica over Lovely Little Things , for the " Smell the Roses Weekly Task". 

This week's Smell the Roses task is...

Buy a stranger a cup of coffee (or lunch) without them knowing it was you.

::: today, before I picked Paige up from school  I went  through the drive through Starbucks near my house I handed the Barista a $5 bill and told them to use it towards the coffee for the person behind me. Its the simple things in life that make a difference and show others that we care :::

{ :: Matthew 5:14:: }

with love,


  1. That's so awesome :)
    I bet the person behind you was like "WHAT!" and it made their day!
    Good for you, girl!

    Thanks for linking up!!


  2. Jessica,
    I loved your idea, such a great way to give back :) Thanks for letting me link up!


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